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Sis, are you tired of dark spots?

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Chemical Peels 🔑to baby skin!

If you have stubborn spots that won't go away go make an appointment with an Esthetician  or Dermatologist. I've been doing research on my skin for years and getting a peel is one of the best options. (It's like having sun burn and your skin starts to peel within 2-4 weeks revealing new clear baby skin.) There are many peels, Salic acid, Glycolic acid, TCA acid , Jensen etc... DO NOT!!!!!!! (I REPEAT) Do what I did and perform doctor on yourself! I bought a 100% TCA peel off of eBay used it and got two keloid scars under my neck. I had to go to a Plastic Surgeon & that sh*t cost me $2000 for removal😧. You can use a lower dosage, I recommend 25- 70% Glycolic peel only. This will run you about $12-30. 😘

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