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Our Culture ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ฒ

Today, August 6th is Jamaica's Independence Day. This mighty island gained its independence August 6, 1962 from the British parliament. Jamaica is a little island with a mighty voice. Both our Mother and Father are born and raised on the island; however, we (my sisters and some cousins) are the first generation born in the United States. We grew up on the east coast (New Jersey) where many Jamaicans reside so we never lacked in the cultural experience. From the food our Mother and Father would cook, to the dialect, and dancehall culture. It was always good vibez listening to Hot 97 on a Sunday with Bobby Konders and Jabba. There is just something about Dancehall and Reggae music that puts you in a good place or mood.

Here are some fun facts about Jamaica:

  • They breed some of the fastest runners in the world

  • Dancehall and Reggae are well-known worldwide and have heavily influenced the sound of other genres of music.

  • Jamaica was once a Spanish speaking country (Spanish ruled from 1509 to 1655.

  • The Rastafarian movement was founded in Jamaica to promote harmony and peace among all people.

  • Late Reggae artist Bob Marley is a legend for his freedom activism and reggae inspirational songs. He his a household name internationally.

  • Hibiscus grows wild in the fields of Jamaica.

  • Jamaica has the best Jerk Chicken & Oxtail no debate!

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