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Olive Oil Shampoo is BOMB ASF!

Olive Oil Shampoo has to be the one of the best shampoos that I have ever used. It not only cleans my hair, and strips any excess dirt that has build up overtime. I wear weaves and I constantly braid my hair under my wigs. I keep my cornrows in for about 2.5 weeks before, I wash and get it re-braided. During that time, I noticed that my hair is growing and my scalp gets very dry, flaky and itchy. After each wash, I have seen a major difference in the moisture in my hair and I have seen less dandruff. When I straighten my hair, the shampoo gives me a healthy shine. It not only moisturize it but also prevent the loss of moisture. I do not recommend combing through hair while shampooing, but on the bottle is says you can. Also, I use their orange conditioner but you will have to use another deep conditioner if you have type 4 hair. You can purchase this product at a your nearest convenient store for $6-10 dollars.

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