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Mental Health is Wealth👸🏽

There are many of us suffering with mental health issues. Statistics says most of the trauma we encounter begins in our early childhood. I have created a list to help you heal mentally and physically. Try to express yourself in a more positive way by tapping into your greatness. Most people may not understand your battles and reason for your behaviors. The good news is, that you can vocalize your truth, be honest and let family and friends know how they can better support you.

Tilt your crown 👑

1.GOD/Prayer 🙏🏽

2.Find your purpose

3.Get a Counselor/Therapist

4.Write down your feelings in a journal

5.Find a hobby that you like and enjoy

6.Eat a balanced diet

7.Rest ⭐️

7.Learn something new

8.Travel to different countries 🌎

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