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Laser Hair Treatment is NOT Permanent 🤭

Do you have thick course hair on your body? If you answered “YES”, have you thought about getting laser hair removal? Before you get treatments, I advise you to do your research first. Find out what laser is right for your skin type. The five most common types of hair removal laser systems include the Alexandrite, Diode, Ruby, IPL, and Nd:YAG. Some lasers are better for certain types of hair and skin tone. While other lasers can’t differentiate between hair and follicle, it may cause the skin to burn. Some lasers such as the Nd: YAG and Candela are more safe for individuals with darker skin tones. The myth on laser treatments is that is Permanent! Sorry to break it to you, its not! I have had over 20 treatments and the hair still grows back!. But, not as thick as it used to be, which is great news. Treatments will cost you $100-$1500 over time. 👀

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