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Different Nail shapes

Changing our nails like the seasons! SMSBeauty's favorite shapes are Almond, Ballerina, Square and Stiletto. The almond shape is classy and it elongates your fingers. A french mani, sold color, and design would look so bomb asf. The ballerina look is my favorite its youthful and looks great with any design. My only issue with the ballerina set is that its breaks too much if you get them too long. The square shape is the go to if your indecisive on what set to get. Long or short nails looks cute with any set you choose. Stiletto set is popular and is the go to if you want to spice it up, back is 2010 Rihanna rocked these nails and it became an automatic trend everyone started to wear this set. I recommend finding the best nail tech, in your town. Nails cost $35 and up.

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