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During this pandemic we came up with ways you can cope with stress and anxiety. We know that being anxious at all time high because 30% of us are not working. Some people have sleep schedules that might be off by waking up at random times of the night or they are sleeping but encounter vivid dreams and this is all of us! We keep opening the refrigerator every 5 minutes and there is nothing new. How can stay we stay in shape, mentally and physically? Here below are tips to keep you sane.

  1. Prayer, Mediation

  2. Wear your mask/ gloves outdoors- keep 6ft from other PPL

  3. Cook (no fast food)

  4. Workout 4 times a week

  5. Drink Lots of Water

  6. Self-care (light chemical peel, no makeup, trim dead ends, paint your toes and nails )

  7. Put yourself on a Schedule

  8. Stay in contact with family and friends

  9. Read a Book

  10. Learn something new

  11. Start a business

  12. Invest Stimulus check in Stocks

  13. Go to sleep earlier

  14. No snacking at night time

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