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Beauty Blender vs. Makeup Brushes

I swore by Beauty Blenders for a very long period of time. I loved the smooth application and finish it gave. A damp beauty blender would give the skin a good balance of hydration it needs especially for dry skin. I however, have combination oily skin. Some spots more drier than others. The beauty blender somehow achieved flawless matte finish but left it hydrated enough to give a glowing finish. Recently, I’ve switched to foundation brushes (Kabuki) and I’ve noticed the difference in application. It still leaves a smooth finish with the right strokes. There is a precise way to use the brush because it can cause streaking. However, with the combination of setting spray and the right strokes can create a flawless finish. Paired together for a full makeup look is ideal. equity blender for concealer (under eye) application and Kabuki for the foundation. Although, they create different finishes; they are equally as great!

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