Sis, do you have Tattoos that need to be Removed?

When you were young and in love, Did you ever get a tattoo that you now regret? Its probably faded by now but you want to get it full removed. Great smart choice, You can get it removed with a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. This laser uses a broad wavelength of light. It will target the tattoo ink while not removing the melanin (pigment) in dark skin which can lead to hypo-pigmentation. Another important consideration in doing laser tattoo removal on dark skin is the time span be

knotless braids

Knotless braids is a new popular trend and protective style that women are wearing. I love how it gives the illusion as if the hair is growing out of your scalp.This look below is considered box or single braids. The only con about this look is your head hurting while sleeping at night and you would need to get a touch up every 2.5 weeks. These braids could last you a month, I advise you touch up the front and sides if you wear it longer than a month. Get a Beautician who is

Different Nail shapes

Changing our nails like the seasons! SMSBeauty's favorite shapes are Almond, Ballerina, Square and Stiletto. The almond shape is classy and it elongates your fingers. A french mani, sold color, and design would look so bomb asf. The ballerina look is my favorite its youthful and looks great with any design. My only issue with the ballerina set is that its breaks too much if you get them too long. The square shape is the go to if your indecisive on what set to get. Long or sho

Sis, Makeup for sensitive or Ance prone Skin!

For acne prone skin (oily/ normal) we've learned that Clinique is one of the best makeup solutions. It gives you the coverage you need without clogging your pores. I have sensitive skin and used Clinique for years, I love that they have oil-free foundation. One of the best kept secrets in makeup industry. For a price range between $24-$33, it's definitely worth it. 👑 #SMSBeautytip #beauty #SMSBeauty #makeup #melanin #Allskintypes

Sis, do you want poreless Skin? ❤️

If you desire flawless coverage & a foundation/ concealer that doesn't clog your pores #makeupforever does the job! The foundation and concealers comes all skin shades, If you have oily and dry skin this makeup is for you! You can buy online or walk in to your nearest #Sephora store. #smsbeautytip #makeupartist #flawless #smsbeauty #takenote #Makeupforever

Are you tired of dark thick body hair? Well Sis, I have a temporary solution❤️

Jolen lightens excessive dark hair on your body. I use it for my face and arms. I swear I am the hairiest person that I know (Thanks Dad 😭)..... Jolen does the trick now the hair blends nicely with my skin tone. You can buy it at #riteaid #CVS or online #AmazonPrime #ebay for $6-11 .... #SMSbeautytip #skin #Hair #beauty #beautysecret #SMSbeautytip #promoting #smartsales #shop #skin #Hair #beauty #beautysecret

Sis, are you tired of razor bumps?

Review on Skin Tight😉 This product works if you have any stubborn ingrown hairs, razors bumps or acne😖. To be successful using this product please stop using razor blades on the effective area !!! Use different methods like ( hair removal lotion, wax, or an electric razor) I use this product for my face, underarms, bikini line Etc. Use this product in the morning and night time. After your hair removal process, shower and use exfoliating gloves; doing this keeps the bumps a