Beauty Blender vs. Makeup Brushes

I swore by Beauty Blenders for a very long period of time. I loved the smooth application and finish it gave. A damp beauty blender would give the skin a good balance of hydration it needs especially for dry skin. I however, have combination oily skin. Some spots more drier than others. The beauty blender somehow achieved flawless matte finish but left it hydrated enough to give a glowing finish. Recently, I’ve switched to foundation brushes (Kabuki) and I’ve noticed the diff

Fenty Beauty Review

Fenty Beauty was created for everyone of all shades, personalities, attitudes & cultures. It was made with inclusivity in mind. Many were excited about this launch, so much that it earned over $570 million in revenue in just 15 months in business. The line has a variety of products now; foundation, brow pencils, highlighters, you name it, it’s there! Due to its incredible success, many peer brands have revamped their shade ranges to include more than 30 shades. Impressive in

Sis, Makeup for sensitive or Ance prone Skin!

For acne prone skin (oily/ normal) we've learned that Clinique is one of the best makeup solutions. It gives you the coverage you need without clogging your pores. I have sensitive skin and used Clinique for years, I love that they have oil-free foundation. One of the best kept secrets in makeup industry. For a price range between $24-$33, it's definitely worth it. 👑 #SMSBeautytip #beauty #SMSBeauty #makeup #melanin #Allskintypes

Sis...Do you use mist sprays?

Many makeup enthusiast love misting sprays to set their makeup. Or is it all in our heads? Do they do anything at all? The truth is, there are tons on the market but not all make the cut for our various skin types. I've personally used: MAC - Fix it plus ❤️ Evian - Facial Spray Mario Badescu - Rose Water Setting Spray MORPHE - Continuous Setting Spray Too Faced - Hangover Setting Spray Avon - Setting Spray ✔️ Hard Candy - setting spray NYC - Matte finish Natural Rose Water 🌹