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Tired of stubborn pimples?

The Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask dries and calms stubborn breakouts. I have had a boil on my chin and I would put a pea size of mask on it and surprisingly the breakout would go away or flatten by the next day. It has sulfur in the ingredients which means its drys the blemish with out irritating the rest of the skin. So, stop using that tired old tooth paste and buy this product. It will run you about $30-40 on # Amazon #Ebay. #SMSbeautyTips #secrets #clearskin #SMSbeauty #p

Avoiding Hyperpigmentation 🤦🏽‍♀️

Pimple popping is horrible for the skin 😰 It can cause long term scaring and skin damage . The best way to get rid of pimples is by using a pimple extractor as seen above. By poking the pimple with a sterile needle and then extracting the fluid and/or dead cells can help for a cleaner cell repair. You can purchase these extractors on #Amazon or consult an Esthetician or Dermatologist. #SMSbeautytips #Pimpleextractor #Shoppingonline #Amazpn #Ebay #CVS

Sis, are you tired of dark spots?

Chemical Peels 🔑to baby skin! If you have stubborn spots that won't go away go make an appointment with an Esthetician  or Dermatologist. I've been doing research on my skin for years and getting a peel is one of the best options. (It's like having sun burn and your skin starts to peel within 2-4 weeks revealing new clear baby skin.) There are many peels, Salic acid, Glycolic acid, TCA acid , Jensen etc... DO NOT!!!!!!! (I REPEAT) Do what I did and perform doctor on yourself

Are you tired of dark thick body hair? Well Sis, I have a temporary solution❤️

Jolen lightens excessive dark hair on your body. I use it for my face and arms. I swear I am the hairiest person that I know (Thanks Dad 😭)..... Jolen does the trick now the hair blends nicely with my skin tone. You can buy it at #riteaid #CVS or online #AmazonPrime #ebay for $6-11 .... #SMSbeautytip #skin #Hair #beauty #beautysecret #SMSbeautytip #promoting #smartsales #shop #skin #Hair #beauty #beautysecret

Sis, are you tired of razor bumps?

Review on Skin Tight😉 This product works if you have any stubborn ingrown hairs, razors bumps or acne😖. To be successful using this product please stop using razor blades on the effective area !!! Use different methods like ( hair removal lotion, wax, or an electric razor) I use this product for my face, underarms, bikini line Etc. Use this product in the morning and night time. After your hair removal process, shower and use exfoliating gloves; doing this keeps the bumps a

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