Is the Sally Hansen Airbrush Spray only for your legs?

This product is so bomb, if you have scars on your legs or body. This spray comes in 6 shades and will give you flawless coverage. For my ladies with light skin with red undertones I advise you to use color Medium Glow and if you have darker skin with yellow undertones use Deep Glow. I used this for photoshoots and if I go some where fancy and I need extra coverage on my body this works every time. Another tip on its usage- recently, I have use this on my lace frontal wig to

Sis, using Dove Soap will not change your PH levels

You remember when you were younger and your mom told you not to wash with your privates with mild soap? Yeah, so now you know why! Washing your privates with Anti-bacteria, mild soaps and Summers Eve can change your PH levels and give you BV or a terrible yeast infection. I have used Dove for years and its the best because its gentle on skin and it wont change your PH levels. You can purchase this product at your nearest convenient store or buy it online for $4-10. #CVS #Amaz

Olive Oil Shampoo is BOMB ASF!

Olive Oil Shampoo has to be the one of the best shampoos that I have ever used. It not only cleans my hair, and strips any excess dirt that has build up overtime. I wear weaves and I constantly braid my hair under my wigs. I keep my cornrows in for about 2.5 weeks before, I wash and get it re-braided. During that time, I noticed that my hair is growing and my scalp gets very dry, flaky and itchy. After each wash, I have seen a major difference in the moisture in my hair and I

Sis, Bath Sponge or Shower Gloves?🤔

Exfoliating Shower Gloves Do you shower with an exfoliating bath sponge? Do you feel not very clean after? Well, I have the solution for you to get a better clean. Toss out that old sponge and get Exfoliating Shower Gloves! All you have to do is put the gloves on, lather them up with Dove soap and scrub your body. This is the best clean you’ll ever get! It removes dirt, dead skin and will leave your skin glowy and smooth. This product can be purchased on #Amazon and your near

Facial Rollers & their use!

Have you seen those facial rollers and wonder what they actually do? Or purchased one based off it’s appearance? They are cute and appealing! However, they do have an ancient history background. Crystal facial rolling is an ancient technique they uses natural stones such as Amethyst or Rose Quartz to help improve appearance and feel of skin. It’s best used after refrigeration to promote skin suppleness and/or soothe or calm irritated skin. I guarantee after usage, you will lo

Beauty Blender vs. Makeup Brushes

I swore by Beauty Blenders for a very long period of time. I loved the smooth application and finish it gave. A damp beauty blender would give the skin a good balance of hydration it needs especially for dry skin. I however, have combination oily skin. Some spots more drier than others. The beauty blender somehow achieved flawless matte finish but left it hydrated enough to give a glowing finish. Recently, I’ve switched to foundation brushes (Kabuki) and I’ve noticed the diff

Glowy Skin for 2020

Bio-Oil has been a beauty secret for years some people over look it because it’s price at the convenient store but it is worth every penny. Try not wearing foundation and replacing your daily moisturizer with Bio-Oil. All you need is a pea sized amount rubbed on your face. This will be the best glow you’ll ever have. The oil is light base and it doesn’t do harm to your skins natural balance. More benefits from using Bio-Oil, if you have stretch marks and discoloration this pr

Hey Sis, try this to remove your eye bags!❤️

Patchology Eye Gel Well, you might want to get more sleep at night. But if you mix 6-8 hours of sleep with these patches in the morning before you do your makeup or apart of your night regiment. You will wake up looking well rested and feeling rejuvenated. The patch helps to the minimize the puffiness under your eyes. If you want to look and feel your best in 2020, give Patchology a try! This product will cost about $15-60, you can purchase this on #Amazon #UltaBeauty. #SMSbe

Teeth Whitening! In the comfort of your home

Have you ever tried Crest 3D White Strips? Well, you should because they are recommended by Dentist across the globe. Why spend $100 at a dentist office, if you don't have to? Buy these strips instead, your teeth will brighten a shade lighter just by using one strip. The strip is invisible so you can wear them anywhere and anytime of the day. Do not over look the price at convenient store, you are getting your moneys worth trust SMS Beauty we never lie! This is a beauty secr

Avoiding Hyperpigmentation 🤦🏽‍♀️

Pimple popping is horrible for the skin 😰 It can cause long term scaring and skin damage . The best way to get rid of pimples is by using a pimple extractor as seen above. By poking the pimple with a sterile needle and then extracting the fluid and/or dead cells can help for a cleaner cell repair. You can purchase these extractors on #Amazon or consult an Esthetician or Dermatologist. #SMSbeautytips #Pimpleextractor #Shoppingonline #Amazpn #Ebay #CVS

Wahl Women’s Clean & Confident Detail Trimmer

Stop shaving your Bikini area with sharp razors and switch to an electric trimmer. Shaving with dull razors can cause irritation, inflammation and discoloration. This is a beauty secret we discovered over the years! We guarantee that you will have a better shaving experience. You can purchase an electric trimmer on #Amazon or your nearest convenient store. This product cost $15-25. #SMSBeautyTips #Productsthatwork #Beautysecret #Amazon #CVS

Sis, are you tired of dark spots?

Chemical Peels 🔑to baby skin! If you have stubborn spots that won't go away go make an appointment with an Esthetician  or Dermatologist. I've been doing research on my skin for years and getting a peel is one of the best options. (It's like having sun burn and your skin starts to peel within 2-4 weeks revealing new clear baby skin.) There are many peels, Salic acid, Glycolic acid, TCA acid , Jensen etc... DO NOT!!!!!!! (I REPEAT) Do what I did and perform doctor on yourself

Sis, are you tired of razor bumps?

Review on Skin Tight😉 This product works if you have any stubborn ingrown hairs, razors bumps or acne😖. To be successful using this product please stop using razor blades on the effective area !!! Use different methods like ( hair removal lotion, wax, or an electric razor) I use this product for my face, underarms, bikini line Etc. Use this product in the morning and night time. After your hair removal process, shower and use exfoliating gloves; doing this keeps the bumps a